Monday, April 13, 2009

1sd items!

Fudge girls fergie tie
Fudge girls multicolour bangles
Rio stacey bangles
Folk belt
Fudge boys socks
Fudge boys sweat band
6 different coloured bras in stardoll girls
Zac tie in stardoll boys
Voile pink and white clutch bag
Evil Panda pink bracelet
Evil Panda bracelet with studs
Evil Panda hollywood tattoo
Evil Panda idoru pins
Evil Panda patch black heart
Evil Panda patch heart
Splendid jewellery braces
Splendid jewellery face heart
Splendid jewellery Mouche (beauty mark)
Splendid jewellery tear
Splendid headwear orange clip
Splendid headwear green clip
Splendid headwear multicolour clip
Splendid headwear idoru star
Splendid eyewear elegant glasses

Most popular clothes shop with 1sd items: Evil Panda
Most popular jewellery etc shop with 1sd items: Splendid

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